We can deliver IPTV and video to any location. Our expertise is in providing TV channels from any source to any destination over CDN.


No matter the number of cam streams, Bluecam can handle any quantity of concurrent streams, and deliver across their low-latency network. The passive viewer has a higher latency, the paying customer gets a fast response.


We take video in and transcode it to multiple bit rates, ensuring the end user gets the best quality for their connection. Our software auto-adjusts bit-rate dependent on the viewers network.


Customers of Bluecam can make use of the CDN from Ceeblue. Ceeblue have developed an ultra low latency network to provide fast end to end live video stream delivery in under a second.

Peer to Peer

For low cost video delivery that is not time critical, customers of Bluecam can use the higher latency peer to peer network of Ceeblue, enabling many thousands of concurrent viewers without impacting the bottom line of the cam company.


We have solutions for video on demand as well as store and forward at pre-determined times. Video is held in S3 buckets and is released, either on demand or against a time stamp.